Our Most Popular Courses

Management Courses

Moving into Management

This two-day management training course has been specifically designed for people who are embarking on a new role in management.

Moving up in Management

It is designed for those who would not attend Moving into management because they feel they have been ‘doing it’ for too long already, and who find that the predominantly strategic focus of Moving from manager to leader is not quite what they are looking for.

Moving from Manager to Leader

Our Management training: moving from manager to leader – taking on a senior management role is a course developed for aspiring senior managers and chief executives.


Project Management

This two-day Project management course in London looks at every aspect of managing a project. Working on your own case study, you will learn and apply the many tools and techniques involved. It will help you get more structure into your management of projects.

Mentoring/Coaching Skills

This course is designed to help line-managers understand coaching, how coaching fits with effective management and to acquire practical coaching techniques to use in their every day work.

Communication in the Workplace

This practical, London based, one-day communication skills course will help you communicate more efficiently and effectively in your workplace with your colleagues, senior management and clients.

Facilitation Skills

This facilitation training course looks at principles, values and techniques for dynamic, participatory and experiential facilitation. There will be opportunities to apply the tools and techniques and practice facilitation yourselves.

Business Writing Skills

If you are unsure about the basic rules of grammar and punctuation, struggle to write clearly and concisely or need help with your business writing skills, this two-day business writing course will help increase your skills and boost your confidence.

Report Writing

Report writing is a skill that can be learned. Our Report writing skills course takes you through every stage from planning and structuring through to writing and presenting, and by the end of the day you will be a much more confident report writer.

Minutes Taking

Effective minute-taking is vital to the efficient organisation and a good minute-taker can transform the effectiveness of a team. This one-day Minute-taking course is a sound introduction to minute-taking and equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to write professional minutes with confidence.

Personal Effectiveness

We all wish we had more confidence in difficult situations but sometimes lack of confidence can be a real barrier to success at work. This Personal effectiveness training will help you look at the things that get in the way of confident behaviour and give you some practical tips and tools that you can take away and start to use straight away.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

This one-day Equality, diversity and inclusion training demystifies the Law and the issues. Its practical focus provides a common-sense understanding of how equality and diversity apply in everyday working life.