We minimise recruitment challenges for Employers and bring strong candidates through the door

It’s hard to find strong and productive candidates to empower future growth and sustainability. That’s why we lean on our experience of solving challenges for a diverse range of employers, so we always bring the best candidates through the door. From the shop floor to skilled professionals, making sure people are job ready is what we do.

Let us help you save time and resources when filling vacancies so your workforce remains competitive, and you can focus on growth and profit.

Our service is tailor made to your business. Whether you are a large or small employer, we can help.

Take advantage of our funded service

Bespoke service tailored to your needs

  • We will get to know your business so we can match you with candidates we have developed to provide the best fit, so they add value from day one
  • You will have access to a wider selection of recruits with the skillsets you require and one point of contact to reach them
  • The Restart Scheme is externally funded meaning its no-cost to the employer and obligation-free

The best candidates for you business

  • We do all the hard work of setting expectations and getting candidates job ready, meaning a happier workforce and reduced staff turnover
  • Our Meet the Employer and Sector Insight sessions prepare jobseekers for work in key sectors
  • We make sure candidates have the relevant skills you require before assessing them and putting them through the recruitment process

Reduced attrition and staff turnover


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