Jobs Growth Wales +

Take your business to the next level by taking on a JGW+ learner.

Jobs Growth Wales+ is a brand-new programme designed to help 16–19-year-olds fast forward to the next stage in life.

Jobs Growth Wales + can include one day work trials, work placements, Apprenticeships, or direct employment. The programme is focused on giving young people the skills, qualifications, and experience to enable them to progress at the earliest opportunity to learning at a higher level or to employment.

Jobs Growth Wales + is flexible and by working closely with Itec, you can design a programme which suits your needs and those of the young person.

Jobs Growth Wales+ will include:

  • Employability skills training provided by Itec for the young person;
  • English, maths and digital skills support if required;
  • Valuable work experience provided by your company;
  • A weekly training allowance paid to the young person by Itec.

In addition to these basic elements, we can add flexible additional content to meet the needs of your business and the local labour market.

You can make a big difference by supporting a young person who can become invaluable to your business in the future. We have a pool of young people who are in training with us on our JGW+ programme who need experience of the workplace. These young people are developing the skills that employers want, as well as the positive attitude to work that is required.

There are several proven benefits to providing a work placement to a young person including:

  • No cost to your business, with financial support for up to 26 weeks at 50% of the young persons salary
  • Add new skills to your workforce
  • Give a young person an opportunity to gain valuable experience
  • Flexibility to meet your business needs

Many of the businesses that we work with have gone on to offer the individual a paid position and have reported positively on the impact of bringing in ‘new blood’. Although this is an ideal progression for the individual on placement you are under no obligation to employ them at the end of their placement.

Learner Quote

“I’d like to say thank you for everything you have helped me with, I honestly have never felt so proud, I will really miss Itec when I leave to start my Apprenticeship in Health & Social Care at Ocean Day Nursery

If it wasn’t for Itec I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goals”

–  Mariam aged 18

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