Taking the broader view part 1: Coaching in the system and exploring professionalism in coaching

Trainer: Jane Sullivan

Content covered

  • The importance of coaching contracting and re-contracting, and models enabling its effectiveness
  • The theory of organisational culture (and values) and leadership styles, and the impact these can have on individuals and their behaviour
  • Coaching theory, including maintaining good practice coaching protocols and a code of conduct within the coaching process
  • Relevant legislation (e.g. Data Protection Act, safeguarding) and coaching competencies and codes of ethics described by the main professional bodies

Written account submission and mentor feedback

  • Learners will submit a Written Account, evaluating how they have applied their new knowledge and skills in the workplace and challenges they may have faced. The Programme Mentor will review and give feedback on this.

Product Evidence submission

  • Learners will submit evidence that they have applied the knowledge from the workshop. The Programme Mentor will review and give feedback on this.

Monthly Programme Mentor session

  • Learners will attend mentoring sessions with their Programme Mentor to receive support and feedback in applying the knowledge to the workplace.