Susan Croft

History and experience

Susan is an associate of The-Centre for Strategy and Communications specialising in communications training, business development, event management, PR/media skills and management/leadership.She is an international trainer and meeting facilitator and works in the commercial, academic and non-profit sectors. Susan is also a qualified executive coach and is certified in innovative people development by the Global Academy of Finance and Management.

Susan is a co-founder and Executive Director of Skill-Pill Mobile Learning, a start-up company based in London and offering mobile learning and information solutions to business.She is responsible for external relations/ international marketing for the company and is currently developing a major event with a leading international business school.

Susan is also co-founder and lead trainer at Career Skills Plus which offers life and business skills workshops to sixth-form students throughout the UK as well as enrichment programmes for Years 10 and 11.

She has also played a full and active role in public life and has focused specifically on women’s issues in the workplace.She is a member of the steering group for the European Commission’s Women in Industrial Research – a special project looking into ways to encourage more women into science and research across the European Union.She is also former chairman of the London Fair Play Consortium, a joint venture between the UK Government’s department for Employment and the Equal Opportunity Commission, whose remit is to identify and help remove the barriers to women playing a full role in the UK economy.She is also a former chairman of the CAM Foundation, the UK’s leading awards body for qualifications in marketing, advertising and public relations.

In addition Susan has been a Governor of two private girls’ schools and has helped shape their development and extra-curricular programmes.She is an Accredited Member of the Public Relations Society of America, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and holds a diploma in Journalism from the UK’s National Council for the Training of Journalists.

Susan is a graduate and active alumna of University College London and she chairs UCL’s fundraising campaign board in the United States.

She has written three books – “Win New Business” (2002), “Corporate Reputation: The New Currency” (2003) and “The Sixth Former’s MBA” all published by Acorn/Thorogood.

“Susan was really inspiring. I now have boosted confidence and feel energised. I have lots of tips to take away and put into practice.”
DC, Association Of Teachers & Lecturers


Susan is an international trainer and meeting facilitator who works in the commercial, academic and non-profit sectors. Clients Susan has worked with include NatCen, The Football Association, Metropolitan, Policy Connect and The Royal College of Arts.

Training Style

Susan runs highly interactive workshops which include debate, small group exercises and role playing.  She likes to think of her classrooms as learning labs and believes that if people don’t have fun, they don’t learn very much.  Susan’s style of training includes sharing a lot of humour, anecdotes, case studies and personal experiences and she encourages participants to relax, network and enjoy the training experience.


Susan has developed a number of courses in partnership with the Centre, including: Women in management and leadership and Working effectively with your manager.

In addition, Susan is a facilitator on a range of other courses at the Centre, such as, Training the trainer, Handling the press and media and Moving from manager to leader.

Susan is also available for coaching.


“Susan was a great trainer – very helpful and supportive. She helped make the experience thought-provoking and informative.”
SB, Royal College of Art

“Susan was excellent. She was patient and delivered the course at exactly the right tempo.”
AM, St. Joseph’s Hospice