Project management

Trainer: Will Baker

Content covered

  • Understand the project lifecycle and roles.
  • Know how to deliver a project including: managing resources, identifying risks and issues, using relevant project management tools.
  • Understand problem solving and decision-making techniques, and how to analyse data to support decision making.
  • How to organise, manage resources and risk, and monitor progress to deliver against the project plan.
  • Ability to use relevant project management tools and take corrective action to ensure successful project delivery

Written account submission and mentor feedback

  • Learners will submit a Written Account, evaluating how they have applied their new knowledge and skills in the workplace and challenges they may have faced. The Programme Mentor will review and give feedback on this.

Product Evidence submission

  • Learners will submit evidence that they have applied the knowledge from the workshop. The Programme Mentor will review and give feedback on this.

Monthly Programme Mentor session

  • Learners will attend mentoring sessions with their Programme Mentor to receive support and feedback in applying the knowledge to the workplace.