Popular Courses within the Housing Sector

Confident and effective presentations

Our Confident and effective presentations is a practical and fun presentation skills course, with lots of tips for calming your nerves, developing your material and increasing your impact. We keep the group size small, with no more than eight or nine delegates, so you will get lots of personal attention, including video and feedback.


Time management for administrators: managing time and workload

Our Time management training course for administrators look at what time management means and explores the key tools for managing our time. There are a range of practical tips, tools and techniques to help you prioritise and use your time effectively as well as managing your paperwork and workstation

Equality, diversity and inclusion

This one-day Equality, diversity and inclusion training demystifies the Law and the issues. Its practical focus provides a common-sense understanding of how equality and diversity apply in everyday working life.

Handling written complaints

This Handling written complaints course introduces the key skills of communicating clearly, concisely and confidently in writing – by letter, email and social media.

This complaints handling course is packed with practical, insider tips and case studies from the customer service industry.

Handling difficult people and situations: extending your skills and confidence

The course will cover how difficult people think, what they fear and why they act like they do. The programme is highly interactive and practical with exercises, self-assessments, group work, case studies and role playing. This two-day course differs from the one-day course as it allows for a deeper exploration of the subject area, including self-assessment exercises and situation role plays.

Effective mentoring

This practical one-day course will give you the opportunity to explore the role of the mentor and to practice the skills necessary to mentor successfully.

Suitable for first time mentors, or those with more experience, this training will enable you to practice key mentoring skills as well as develop your unique mentoring style.

Reverse mentoring

This practical one-day course will give you the opportunity to explore the roles and practical skills necessary to build a successful reverse mentoring relationship. That will not only benefit the individuals involved but will build organisational resilience and break down siloed working. Creating opportunities to leverage difference, reframe discussions and create a more cohesive workplace community.

Anti-harassment and anti-bullying in the workplace

This course has been designed to address harassment and bullying in the workplace, as well as giving staff the tools they need to be able to prevent and recognise harassment and bullying. The courses will provide delegates with the confidence to know what they should look out for, the preventative steps they can take, and how to deal with harassment and bullying should they occur.

Moving into management – taking on a new role

This two-day management training course has been specifically designed for people who are embarking on a new role in management. It will increase your understanding of the manager’s role, and leave you with a development plan for gaining further management skills.

Project Management

This two-day Project management course in London looks at every aspect of managing a project. Working on your own case study, you will learn and apply the many tools and techniques involved. It will help you get more structure into your management of projects.