Influencing skills

Course summary

Negotiating and influencing skills are indispensable in modern organisations. Command and control structures have given way to less hierarchical, cross-team and partnership working where you get things done by inspiring and persuading.

Our two-day Influencing skills course will help you understand how influencing works, provide you with practical tips and techniques to become more influential and help you work on building an effective personal influencing style.

 LG, GlaxoSmithKline
"The course covered a lot of techniques to aid influencing. The atmosphere was very relaxed and encouraged openness."
MZ, Society of Petroleum Engineers
“I have attended many courses over the years and I can honestly say this is one of the best in terms of delivery and content. The exercises were amazing, with very useful feedback. Fantastic!”
AM, Innogames
“The influencing skills course allowed me to directly change the outcome of reoccurring issues I had at work to something much more positive. ”
JT, Mencap
“I would recommend this influencing skills training course to the rest of my team and think the skills I learnt on the course are invaluable. Thank you!”
TC, Universities UK
“This has been a very good course. I feel I have learned a lot and have quite a number of strategies to put into practice to help me in my role.”
“The pace of the course was excellent and the content was very useful. I will be able to use the skills I have learnt going forward.”

Course dates and location

We can deliver this course virtually for your organisation, on a date and time that suits you. If you have four or more people who would like to attend this course then group training could be the most cost-effective option. Contact one of our Training Coordinators on 020 7490 3030 or email for more information and a quote.

If you would like to attend this course then register your interest with us. Currently, this course is run on request meaning that a date will be scheduled once we have at least three people interested in attending this course.

  • There are no dates available at the moment.

Influencing Skills Training Course in London

Over the two days you will cover:

  • what is influence?
  • why influencing is becoming increasingly important
  •  influencing – a leadership skill
  •  new working patterns and the importance of influencing skills
  • the ‘influencing hub’
  • influencing strategies
  •  adopting a strategic approach to influencing
  •  top influencing tactics
  •  framing issues
  •  identifying champions
  • developing and using
  •  meeting skills:
  •  influencing before, during and after a meeting
  •  using different types of contributions in meeting
  •  negotiating skills:
  • how to prepare and run a negotiation
  •  understanding your own attitudes to negotiation
  •  improving your negotiation skills
  •  aiming for win:win
  • networking skills:
  •  how to build and sustain your own networks
  •  networking at events
  •  listening skills:
  •  what to listen for
  • how to listen actively
  •  assertiveness skills:
  •  how to be more assertive, without being aggressive
  • understanding the culture you work in
  • the psychology of influence: motivating other people
  • influencing styles
  •  different styles
  •  how the nature of the challenge, will influence the style you use
  •  identifying your own preferred style
  • personal brand
  •  what is your personal brand?
  •  how your organisation’s brand also needs to be reflected in how you act
  • how to clarify and build your personal brand
  •  how to use your personal brand to help you exert influence
  • high impact in presentations
  • why good presentation skills are important for an influencer
  •  how clear messages and a strong presentation structure can help you achieve your aims
  • using personal brand to enhance the impact of a presentation
  • a year of free support

All our training courses are delivered virtually. The webinar systems used do not require software download.

Our Influencing skills course is for anyone who needs to influence others. This may be influencing as part of a leadership role, or influencing where you are in a partnership, project group or other setting (such as campaigning or negotiating) where you need to persuade others. The Centre works with people from all sectors including the public sector, voluntary sector, corporate sector and private sector.

This Influencing skills training will give you the skills and confidence to use your influence – irrespective of your formal role or grade, improving your skills in influencing, communicating and negotiating. It will help you understand what makes people tick, how to work more effectively in meetings and how to develop a convincing personal style.

Other courses that you might find useful are: Impactfiul presentations, Supervision skills and Developing your personal brand.

  • £1091 plus VAT not-for-profit price (applies to charities and all other not-for-profit organisations, including public sector and housing)
  • £1224 plus VAT standard price (applies to all other organisations)

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