Henry Russell

History and experience

Henry Russell is a full-time author. To date he has written more than 20 published books, hundreds of magazine articles and encyclopaedia entries, ghosted for the famous and edited more works by others than he can remember.

The list of his publications includes The Quintessential Gentleman, a book of etiquette, books on Germany and Russia for National Geographic, and studies of the use of language in the speeches of Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama. Henry was one of Hatchard’s authors of the year in 2019.


Clients include Age Concern, the British Transport Police, the British Heart Foundation, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the National Health Service (NHS), Sara Jones Associates, Transport for London, Prostate Cancer UK, South Thames College, Southport College, Catholic Overseas Development Agency (CAFOD), Marine and Fisheries Agency (MFA).

Training style

The approach is practical and inclusive – exercises and discussions are central to every course.


Henry runs courses on Proofreading, editing and writing skills and is a CELTA-qualified teacher of English as a foreign language.


“Henry was upbeat and passionate about the English language and ignited my passion for writing.”
CH, Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association

“He was highly knowledgeable and presented a topic that could have been very dry in an interesting and interactive way.” 
LA, Orbis