David Aylwin

History and experience

David is a highly experienced training consultant in Fast effective reading. He started his work in this area 29 years ago. He initially ran courses for university under-graduates at Oxford and 6th form students to help them in their studies. Since then, he has successfully developed the programme for government agencies, local government, the police, business organisations and the professions, including accountancy and the law.

He recently developed an online version of the Fast Effective Reading course, proving to be popular with university students, in the UK and the US.

David has also run a wide range of communication and management skills training programmes, and has been involved in setting up diagnostic studies to determine the extent and detail of need prior to training or organisational change.

“David has really given me the skills I need to achieve this and I actually saw an improvement immediately so thank you for this. I would highly recommend to all staff.”
KV, The Nursing and Midwifery Council


David works with local government, NHS, banks, the police, law firms, and manufacturing.

Training style

David’s principles for effective training are that it must be relevant, be fun and immediately applicable. He has an open and flexible style, with an emphasis on motivating each member of the group to discover unexplored potential. He prefers to inject humour into his sessions as it helps to encourage the pathways of good learning.

An articulate and humorous speaker, David believes that training must involve maximum trainee activity, be fun, be easy to apply afterwards and take immediate effect.


“The trainer was very engaging and friendly and I am very glad I attended this course. There was enough interaction and loads of opportunities to practice the skills we were learning.”
EP,  The Nursing and Midwifery Council

“I now have evidence that I can speed read and my reading space has increased by 100wpm. David has made a significant difference to not just work but a life skill.”
WB, Octavia Foundation