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Itec @ The-Centre

Itec @ The-Centre is part of the Itec Training Solutions Group and are based in Central London. The Centre specialises in the following services:

  • Open courses for individuals
  • Group courses held for organisations
  • Design and delivery of development programmes
  • One-to-one coaching and mentoring
  • Learning and development consultancy
  • Levy approved apprenticeship programmes
  • For over two decades The Centre have been developing and delivering training courses for organisations across all sectors.

The Centre specialises in affordable and effective training in management, communication, administration, personal effectiveness and writing skills delivered by a team of industry experts.The Centre’s training courses are engaging, motivating, and tailored to each individual learner; designed in partnership with the organisations they support.

Until five years ago, around 90% of their clients were from charitable and not-for-profit organisations, but as their reputation has grown, they have found a more eclectic mix of businesses looking to them to deliver L&D services. This has actually become a unique selling point for the Centre, as all of their facilitators work across a wide range of sectors and are able to draw out best practices from the organisations they work with.

Whatever your learning, training or development needs, the Centre and Itec will be able to create a tailor-made solution that fits your people, your budget, and your plans.

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LR, The Lesbian and Gay Foundation
The Centre is amazing - lovely staff, relaxed atmosphere and the facilities are unbelievable!