Restart scheme supports Salvadorian refugee to build a better life for him and his family

Ex-business owner Victor, used to run his own coffeeshop back in El Salvador, but was forced to flee his home country due to violence.

With very limited English, and with no right to work in the UK, Victor struggled to find work and found himself unemployed for nearly two years. Frustrated and fed up, Victor was committed to not letting his situation discourage or dampen his enthusiasm. Instead, Victor contacted his local job centre to see what support was available.

The JCP then referred Victor to the Restart Scheme, which is provided by Itec Skills & Employment on behalf of Serco. Once referred, Victor met up with his employability advisor, Hayley Phillips, who supported him in gaining the right to work in the UK as well as sourcing various language courses for him.

Victor and Hayley worked tirelessly together to build Victor’s CV, source various job opportunities, and to prepare him for interview. It took little to no time to get Victor and interview, and subsequently a job. Victor has now started full-time work with Amazon, where he works as a picker.

“I am really happy with the scheme, they showed me what I needed to do, how to do it, and supported me at every step of the way. Without Itec and the Restart scheme, I would be lost” Victor 

Not one to rest on his laurels, and wanting to increase his knowledge, Victor immediately requested Hayley’s support in sourcing additional training. Victor now studies during the day, whilst working at Amazon during the night.

“It has been a pleasure supporting Victor on the Restart scheme. It is great to see a participant as determined as he is with such dedication and ambition.” – Hayley Phillips, Employability Advisor

Due to Victor owning and running a coffeeshop back in El Salvador, as well as his wife being a trained chef, Victor hopes to start his own business in the UK one day and provide the people of Swansea the opportunity to eat some classic Salvadorian cuisine.

“My advice to anyone who is in a similar position to myself is to study. Learn the language as best as you can, and constantly try to add to your skillset and knowledge.” – Victor