Teagon Mallon: Dream, Achieve, Apprenticeship

18-year-old Teagon Mallon enrolled in Itec Skills’ Jobs Growth Wales+ programme in Neath with the goal of pursuing a career in childcare. Faced with challenging circumstances at home due to her father’s illness, Teagon took on caregiving responsibilities for him and also helped her sister by looking after her baby nephew.

Despite the demands at home, Teagon found solace and focus at the centre, where she not only excelled in acquiring employability skills and completing curriculum tasks but also made friends and contributed in the classroom due to her kind nature. Her time at Itec allowed her to mature and gain significant confidence. Eventually, she was prepared to embark on a work placement at Little Sprouts Nursery, providing her with valuable industry experience.

Ruth Sainsbury, Itec’s Employability Officer Team Leader, noted that the initial plan was for Teagon to start her Childcare L1 placement after a settling-in period. However, Teagon’s employer quickly recognised her maturity, determination, and kindness towards both staff and children. Without hesitation, they offered her an apprenticeship through Itec’s Apprenticeship team.

Teagon’s compassion and dedicated efforts led to her being offered an apprenticeship within a few weeks of starting her placement. Her story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that with determination and a dream, one can achieve their goals. Itec aims to support young individuals like Teagon in securing the careers and futures they deserve.

“Itec is an incredible and safe place for young people to go for help, I met some amazing people who helped each other grow in many ways. Itec is always looking for new fun things to do with students and give you as many opportunities to do things you never thought you would enjoy and they helped me get into a position and job that I absolutely adore.”– Teagon Mallon