Transformative Turnaround: Riley Pritchard’s Journey

Riley Pritchard enrolled in Itec’s Jobs Growth Wales+ programme, grappling with a sense of aimlessness and low spirits. However, Riley held a wholehearted desire for change, setting his sights on a career in mechanics.

Driven by this aspiration, Riley sought hands-on experience at a local garage, supported by Gareth Williams, an employability officer at Itec. This opportunity marked a pivotal moment in Riley’s journey, boosted by unwavering encouragement from Itec’s Neath team, particularly his learner coach, Stephanie Jones.

Under Gareth’s guidance, Riley found himself in a nurturing environment, where regular welfare checks ensured his wellbeing. Today, Riley’s growth is palpable, earning praise from his employers who strongly endorse the transformative impact of Itec’s Jobs Growth Wales+ initiative.

Reflecting on his journey, Riley acknowledges the scarcity of opportunities prior to his involvement in the programme, particularly in his chosen field. His experience has ignited a newfound motivation, fostering a sense of belonging within a supportive workplace community.

“I have learned so much and the staff are teaching me to fix my own motorbike.” Riley states, a testament to the profound impact of his journey with Itec.