The power of helping others: Rebecca’s Itec story

Rebecca Egan has been a youth tutor at Itec Skills and Employment for almost 5 years, every day she dedicates her time to helping young people from ages 16-19 who are not in full time education, employment or training through our Jobs Growth Wales+ programme in the RCT area. 

After earning a degree in interior design and architecture, Rebecca entered the field of youth work since, despite her best efforts, she was unable to obtain employment in her industry. She thus made the decision to work as an arts coordinator with young people at American summer camps, which inspired her to think about a career in youth work and teaching. Rebecca discovered Itec after spending the previous four summers working in America and enrolled as an adult learner and began going on placement as a classroom assistant.

As her enthusiasm for education blossomed during her time working as a classroom assistant, Rebecca started working one-on-one with students to develop her skills. This was an important turning point for her as her sister, who had previously had a brain tumour, received one-on-one support. Rebecca was greatly motivated by this to seek a career working with young people. 

Rebecca, who has dyslexia and believed that her condition would prevent her from teaching, received help from Itec as she pursued her PGCE to advance her skills. However, she discovered she could accomplish anything because of her determination and desire to make a difference as well as the encouragement of her colleagues and Itec.  

When the opportunity to work as a Youth Tutor for Itec emerged, Rebecca was at first hesitant to submit an application. However at the time, her manager urged her to apply by reassuring her of her abilities. Nowadays, Rebecca is recognised as a dedicated worker and outstanding youth tutor throughout Itec. Rebecca was previously awarded the Employee of the Month Award, demonstrating her ability to work effectively as a youth tutor who makes a positive difference in young people’s lives.

Rebecca encourages anyone thinking about pursuing a career in youth work:   

“The job is a fulfilment, it’s a career, it’s something you will learn to love. I don’t see my job as job. You have to experience the benefits of doing this job and the outcomes you see for learners.”