From hobby to dream job: Patrick Beynon’s story

At the age of 18, Patrick Beynon harboured an interest in working with motor vehicles, transforming his passion into his primary hobby and aspiring career. Eager to explore this interest professionally, Patrick enrolled in Itec’s Jobs Growth Wales+ programme. Though initially apprehensive, the unwavering support provided by employability officer Gareth Williams became the catalyst for Patrick’s growing confidence, leading him towards the pursuit of a fulfilling and passion-driven career.

Under Gareth’s guidance, Patrick secured a placement at Afan Tyres, an opportunity that perfectly aligned with his skill set and allowed him to broaden his knowledge. The support and mentorship Patrick received not only facilitated his seamless integration into the work environment but also empowered him to thrive and become comfortable.

Patrick gained invaluable experience in preparation for his future endeavours while pursuing his Motor Vehicle NVQ under the guidance of his dedicated 1-to-1 Assessor. This educational journey presented yet another opportunity for Patrick to enrich his understanding and readiness for the dynamic work environment he aspired to join.

Subsequently, Patrick has excelled remarkably at Afan Tyres, showcasing a natural talent for thriving within the motor vehicle environment. His aptitude and dedication has not only been recognised but also positioned him on his dream career path. His employer, Martyn, states “JGW+ has provided a great opportunity to help and support a local lad with his development and integration into employment. Patrick is an important member of our team here at Afan Tyres.” 

Patrick say“The employers Martyn and Donna have been in excellent supporting my journey to become a motor mechanic, I feel very lucky to have this opportunity with the support from Itec.”