New Beginnings: Owen Williams on finding a career and apprenticeship he loves

Before enrolling in the apprenticeship programme, Owen Williams, 33, had thirteen years of banking and finance experience. He was unsatisfied with his work and unsure of how to advance in his career. In the end, he concluded that finance wasn’t his speciality and desired to try something else.

Owen’s partner had been in care for around 20 years. Owen never intended to pursue a career in health and social care, but after gaining inspiration from his partner, he made the change. Now, he thoroughly enjoys his work.

Along with beginning a new career, Owen also wanted to advance his understanding of the field by obtaining qualifications. Owen is in the process of achieving his Level 2 in Health and Social Care and has already accomplished most of the core unit. He claims the information is digestible and he is genuinely enjoying the apprenticeship. Owen thinks the advantages of obtaining a qualification will offer him the information and serve as clear evidence of his enthusiasm for his career.

“It’s all new to me. It’s all interesting. I thoroughly enjoy learning about every part of it.”

During his apprenticeship, Owen has learnt a lot regarding safeguarding and the need to be transparent. It’s something he appreciates about the role. He’s also passionate about engaging with people and believes it’s an important element of Health and Social Care.

“I enjoy the connectivity with people.”

Due to this, Owen would eventually like to do his Level 3 and achieve a field supervisor role. He wants to continue to interact with others throughout his career.

If Owen could give any advice to his younger self, it would be: –

“Have the attitude of enjoying it. Don’t think of it as study.”