With Itec, you can start your own business. This is James’ story.

James Small spent the majority of his career as a chef, although he had always aspired to be a painter and decorator. Before he joined the Restart programme with Itec, his dream seemed unattainable, struggling with many elements of his personal life. James had to overcome obstacles related to transportation, resources, and motivation. One particular challenge was experiencing car trouble and lacking the funds to repair it. He also had a new-born baby at the time who was undoubtedly a priority in his life.

James joined the Restart scheme last November looking to achieve his goal of starting his own painting and decorating business, working closely with his advisor. Despite his struggles he had grown immensely and continuously persevered. James and his advisor utilised the services of Business Wales and worked with them for a long period of time to get the Start Up grant to begin building his business. 

After successfully receiving the grant, James got to work with starting his business and is doing brilliantly. He bought a van and had promotional signs produced for it thanks to assistance from Restart. James was also successful in getting a UTR number, and he is now officially working for himself and earning money. James overcame his personal struggles also, and now has an excellent work-life balance. 

James’s story demonstrates how the Restart scheme can change lives even when it would seem impossible, and that any dream, regardless of their previous career, can be achieved. 

Since achieving his objective, James has become a confident and successful person. He said: 

“After starting my dream business, I feel like anything is possible.”