Becoming a leader: Jade Pittick’s story

Jade Pittick, currently serving as a Team Leader at EE in Merthyr Tydfil, has navigated a career path fuelled by her passion for business since her school days. Initially trained in Barbering and armed with frontline customer service experience, Jade gradually transitioned into managerial roles over five years in the barbering industry. Seeking a more business-oriented position, she successfully applied for a customer service role at EE.

Recognising EE as a platform for meaningful career development, Jade seized the opportunity to join EE’s Aspire program, designed to build the skills of customer service staff for leadership roles and beyond. Collaborating with Itec, EE provided work-based learning opportunities tailored to individual needs.

Embracing the chance to enhance her skills, Jade completed an NVQ Management Level 3 and pushed herself out of her comfort zone through presentations to senior managers, a challenge she once deemed unimaginable. Her journey underscores her unwavering determination and diverse skill set.

Now, as she leads a new cohort of customer service apprentices at EE, Jade embodies a role model, fostering enthusiasm and ambition. Despite the different communication skills among apprentices, Jade remains resolute in her commitment to equipping them with the tools for success. She finds immense fulfilment in mentoring, eagerly anticipating their growth and development within the company.