Adventure in Employment: Finley and Alex’s Journey with Jobs Growth Wales+

Finley and Alex have embarked on an exciting journey through Itec’s Jobs Growth Wales+ programme, showcasing remarkable strides in work-based learning. Their exceptional progress underscores the invaluable benefits of this scheme. Currently, they are working on placement with Taskforce Paintballing, effectively leveraging their customer service qualifications to advance within the workplace. These are their stories.


Finley joined Itec’s Job’s Growth Wales programme after experiencing a setback to his confidence. Seeking hands-on experience in carpentry, he had previously felt unsettled during a placement that required simultaneous attendance at college, which left him disheartened.

Determined to pursue practical skills, Finley connected with Itec’s dedicated Employability Officer, Gareth Williams, who swiftly secured him a placement at Taskforce Paintballing in Cowbridge. Here, Finley thrives, applying his carpentry expertise to tasks such as repair work and assault course construction in an engaging environment.

In addition to honing his technical skills, Finley is undertaking a Level 1 customer service qualification to enhance his workplace proficiency. His confidence has soared through regular interaction with colleagues and the public. Overcoming initial reservations about motorway driving, Finley now drives confidently and even provides lifts to fellow staff members.

Finley’s journey in employability has been transformative, and he sees his current placement as a catalyst to achieving his goals.

Finely had some positive feedback for his employers at Taskforce: “James and Darren are very supportive with my journey into employment.”


Alex joined Itec’s Jobs Growth Wales+ programme with a determination to be in a busy and fun work environment. He felt that we wasn’t suited to attending a centre and wished to be in the world of work as soon as possible.  

Alex connected with Gareth, who promptly secured him a placement at Taskforce Paintballing. Here, Alex flourishes, using his customer service qualification skills to guide visitors through the paintball activities with adherence to health and safety protocols. Eagerly embracing his role, Alex demonstrates productivity and enthusiasm, relishing the chance to undertake diverse responsibilities and engage actively in outdoor learning experiences. 

Alex has fully embraced the expectations of his role as an employee within the working environment. He has established a highly productive routine and demonstrates remarkable self-discipline. Recognising his dedication, Alex proactively requested additional working hours to further contribute to the Taskforce team, showcasing his commitment to maximizing his impact in his career journey. 

From day one, Alex’s determination to venture into the working world has been unwavering. Each passing day sees him flourishing, embracing fresh experiences, and finding increasing joy in his journey of growth. 

“We love all the different types of jobs we get to do, everyday is different and an adventure.”- Alex Randall

James, Finley and Alex’s employer reflects on their invaluable contributions during their placement: “It’s great being able to gain work experience with us at Taskforce Paintballing. Alex and Finley are two lads that want to get on in life and I’m glad I can offer them this opportunity.”