Ethan Baff: Navigating Success as a Paralegal Apprentice 

At 19 years old, Ethan Baff is fully committed to his role as a Paralegal Apprentice at DAC Beachcroft. Currently pursuing his CILEX CPQ Level 3 Paralegal Qualification through BrightLink Learning, Ethan’s journey into law began during his A levels, where he found the legal industry interesting and sought to make a positive difference.

Ethan realised that university wasn’t the right path for him; instead, he discovered the possibility of gaining practical experience while studying. Opting for a legal apprenticeship perfectly aligned with Ethan’s aspirations and learning style.

Starting his apprenticeship was initially a challenging adjustment for Ethan, balancing work with learning was a significant shift. However, he quickly established an effective routine that led him towards becoming a valued apprentice.

Ethan credits his apprenticeship experience for positively impacting his life, finding immense satisfaction in both his role at DAC Beachcroft and his educational journey. Each day presents Ethan with new insights and learning opportunities, making him eager to tackle his responsibilities with enthusiasm.

Ethan’s story serves as a powerful testament to the notion that traditional education isn’t the sole gateway to a successful career in the legal field. Through his unwavering commitment, Ethan has forged a path that combines practical experience with academic learning, demonstrating the benefits of apprenticeships in shaping promising careers.

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