Empowering Emily: A Case Study of Confidence Building and Career Advancement Through Jobs Growth Wales+

Emily Cassam, an 18-year-old participant in Itec’s Jobs Growth Wales+ programme under the advancement strand, entered with a clear career path in mind to complement her active lifestyle. However, she struggled with anxiety and lacked confidence. At Itec’s Neath centre, she received invaluable support to address her anxiety and bolster her confidence. Through dedicated efforts, she honed her soft skills, employability skills, and team-building abilities, alongside obtaining a customer service qualification.

Initially overwhelmed by her first placement, Emily returned to the centre for support. The Jobs Growth Wales+ team ensured she received the necessary encouragement to try another placement, focusing on nurturing her confidence.

With growing self-assurance, Emily embarked on a placement at Unit 9 gym, where she received guidance from her supportive employers, Jolene and Tavis. Her daily interactions allowed her customer service skills to flourish, alongside gaining proficiency in gym instruction. Feeling secure at Unit 9, Emily broke out of her shell and embraced the experience wholeheartedly. She now displays a positive, can-do attitude, and is described as approachable and mature.

Having completed her customer service qualification and Essential Skills Wales application of numbers, Emily’s remarkable progress and newfound confidence have led to a job offer at Unit 9 gym. Additionally, she has the opportunity to further enhance her skills by pursuing Gym Instructor and Strength and Conditioning qualifications. Emily’s journey underscores how the Jobs Growth Wales+ program empowers young individuals by fostering their confidence for future employment opportunities.

Emily reflects on her experience at Unit 9: “I am loving life at Unit 9 Gym. This is always what I have wanted to do but I didn’t know how and I lacked the confidence to pursue it. I have now been offered employment and the opportunity to gain more qualifications and I look forward to a future at Unit 9 Gym. I want to thank Jolene and Tavis and all the staff at Itec for getting me where I am.”