From Uncertainty to Confidence: Chloe’s Journey in Hairdressing with Itec’s Support 

Chloe Davies-Woodfield embarked on her journey with Itec’s Jobs Growth Wales+ programme, aspiring to begin a career in hairdressing. Initially uncertain about breaking into the industry and grappling with anxiety and confidence issues, Chloe found a supportive guide in Imogen Skett-Smith, her learner coach based in Barry.

With Imogen’s encouragement, Chloe gradually bolstered her confidence and embarked on gaining crucial work experience. With a Level 1 qualification in hairdressing, Chloe secured a placement at Bolt Salons in Barry. Swiftly adapting to the workplace, Chloe’s innate talent for hairdressing shone through.

During her time at Bolt Salons, Chloe honed her communication skills with clients and adeptly managed her time, establishing a commendable routine. Recognising her dedication and progress, Chloe was offered a full-time position at the salon, marking a significant milestone in her journey. She is set to transition into Itec’s employment strand, eagerly anticipating further growth opportunities.

Looking ahead, Chloe is excited about the prospect of undertaking an apprenticeship to refine her skills even further. Reflecting on her journey, Chloe acknowledges the transformative impact of her experiences and remains optimistic about the future. 

Chloe: “I am so pleased that I chose Itec’s programme which led to fulltime employment on my birthday. Bolt Hairdressers is my local hairdresser and I really enjoy working here and creating a future.”