Where can Apprenticeships take you?

Less than 6 months ago, Brandon Johnson had just finished college and was working a part-time job but was unsure about the next steps in his career. He knew he wanted to get into full-time employment but didn’t know where or how. So, he began searching for jobs online, where he stumbled across an Itec Apprenticeship, offering a full-time employment contract with EE, as well as a qualification in Customer Service Level 2.

Brandon stated, “I’ve definitely changed a lot since I started working here 100%, I’ve grown a lot as a person”

Since starting his apprenticeship Brandon has gained an incredibly wide variety of on-job skills and experiences and has even been selected as a spokesperson to visit a local High School, where he has spoken with their pupils about joining an apprenticeship and what it’s like to work for EE.

This then led to another opportunity, where Brandon is working closely with 8 pupils aged 14-15, who are currently struggling with school. The pupils come in to meet with Brandon every 2 weeks and get to spend a day in the life of an apprentice. From this experience, all the pupils are now working closely with EE to join the company as apprentices when they finish school.

Brandon told us, “These opportunities themselves have made the apprenticeship worthwhile”

In these short few months, Brandon has seen the progression opportunities within the company and has a clear path of how he can grow his career in the business. Already he has been given opportunities to ‘floor-walk’ new apprentices starting with the company and is beginning to work with the duty officers and other supervisors.

Brandon explained, “I’ve been very lucky to get all these opportunities and I haven’t even finished my apprenticeship yet!”