Movember 2023

Movember is the annual fundraiser raising awareness for men’s health issues. At the heart of this movement is spreading information concerning suicide prevention and men’s mental health. According to the official Movember website 3 our of 4 suicides in the UK are by men. This alarming statistic emphasises the importance of bringing attention to these issues, and it evokes us to encourage the men in our lives to confide in someone if they are struggling with their mental health. 


Growing a moustache during the month of November is a symbol of support towards the Movember movement, over the last 20 years over 6 million people have taken part in this challenge, raising funds for over 1,300 men’s health projects around the world.


There are also many other ways you can support the Movember movement, please click here to find out more: https://uk.movember.com/


We spoke to HR assistant Logan Lewis about the importance of Movember and raising awareness for Men’s Mental Health.


How do you like to raise awareness about men’s health during Movember? 

I like to raise awareness by sharing, listening, and donating to blog posts just like these. And now, by taking part in Movember myself!


What strategies or activities do you think are most effective in promoting men’s health awareness? 

I think it’s important to encourage men to talk about the issues affecting their mental health. It’s been a taboo topic for years.

 I also think it is important to promote exercise and diet. Lifestyle can affect both men and women’s health in both a negative and positive way. One thing that I like about Itec Training Solutions is how we promote health awareness days, provide discounted gym memberships, our cycle-to-work scheme, and specifically our well-being newsletter that is emailed internally monthly.


Are there any specific men’s health issues that you are particularly passionate about addressing? 

The biggest health issue that comes to mind is depression. The statistics are too high, so it is important that we take the vital first steps by talking to men and then suggesting the relevant resources that are available for them.


Can you share some tips or advice for others who are looking to make a positive impact during Movember? 

  • General MOT: look out for warning signs!
  • Offer your time to listen and ask open questions.
  • Look after yourself; be kind to yourself and take some time to relax or do something you enjoy.
  • Utilise your company’s mental health resources where necessary.