The importance of getting your recruitment and selection right first time.

Written by Sue West, HR Facilitator.

Recruitment is tough.  And it has been for some time.

ONS data tells us unemployment is at its lowest level since the 2008 recession.  This means there are less potential job candidates in the labour market.  The situation is exacerbated by a range of factors including Brexit meaning migrant labour is more limited and an impending recession/fears of another pandemic meaning people want to keep their accrued employment right and therefore less people are looking for new employment opportunities.

Employers need to be on the ball in telling those more limited job candidates about their vacancies and why applicants should consider their jobs and their organisations.

When the applications do come in, there is an art in identifying the right candidate and making good selection decisions.

Getting your selection wrong means additional cost:

  • The cost of the recruitment and selection exercise – advertising, admin time, management time
  • The cost of lost productivity while the new hire learns the job (or not if the selection decision was wrong)
  • The cost (and legal risks) of exiting a poor hire
  • Those recruitment and selection process costs again!

In addition, there are legal risks.  The risk of making a discriminatory decision (and the risk of triggering a belief that a decision could be discriminatory), the requirements of data protection legislation and the fundamentals of entering into a legally binding contract.

Simply put, it makes good business sense to get your recruitment and selection legally compliant and robust.  Our next Recruitment and Selection workshop takes place on 9th October, 2023 and will guide learners through the end-to-end recruitment and selection process from identifying a vacancy to onboarding a new employee.

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