Itec Swansea go the extra mile for those in need.

Employability Advisor, Debbie Jones and her daughter regularly donate to their local homeless organisation, The Wallich. However, in her role as an Employability Advisor at Itec Swansea, Debbie has noticed an increasing number of participants that are struggling financially and have been unable to afford the essentials.

A couple of months ago, Debbie decided to bring her donation of food and toiletries into the Itec centre. Since then, not only have the Swansea Advisors followed in suite, but organisations within the building and building owners, Morgonstone/Kartay, have been contributing to the food bank table, understanding the need for the participants.

“I have been involved in voluntary work with the homeless previously and myself and my daughter have donated for years, but in this role as employability advisor I have realised that it is not just the homeless who are struggling with needing something to eat. Some of my clients are in temporary accommodation and only have the use of a kettle, so pot noodles and cuppa soups are invaluable to those living this way, but also now realising how much the cost of living is affecting everyone, from all walks of life and even if it is just a few items to boost what they can afford, makes all the difference. Our participants have been so grateful to be offered the chance to take away food and toiletries from us. It has made a huge difference with the additional donation from ITEC this past week.”

Debbie Jones, Employability Advisor

After checking in on how the initiative was going, Restart Area Manager, Karen Williams, has kindly offered to purchase food donations from the Restart budget on a 3-month rolling trial. This has allowed the team to create a food store, allowing the donation table to be restocked as and when required. Employability Advisor, Daniel Wright has taken on the responsibility of shopping for the food, and this combined effort has seen a significant impact in the health and wellbeing of our Restart participants.

“After Debbie set up a food bank for participants of the Restart programme in Swansea, we have been busy maintaining the table and ensuring it is fully stocked. I have been working with a participant who is currently in part-time employment but is still struggling to make ends meet. She has been extremely grateful for the use of the food bank and has described the food bank as a lifeline.”

Daniel Wright, In-work Support Advisor

Julie Rumbelow, is one of the participants that has benefitted from the initiative, and writes: “After visiting my work coach today, I was offered some food which included: pasta, sauce, packet soups, a toothbrush and some toothpaste. This has helped me greatly as I had no food at home and no toothbrush either – this is much appreciated. An idea like this is so needed as the most poverty stricken people/families come through the doors and some haven’t eaten for days.”

Julie Rumbelow

Thank you to everyone who has come together to donate to the foodbank, initiatives like these are essential in a time where people are seeing financial hardship.