Becoming an Employee-Owned Organisation

Written by Esther Barnes, HR Director at Itec

Itec Training Solutions Limited was formed in 2007 as a successor to Cardiff Itec which was established in 1982.  Itec Training Solutions Holdings Limited was created to facilitate growth achieved through the acquisition of commercial training company Centre for Strategy & Communication Limited in 2015.

For the last 20 plus years in Wales we have delivered Welsh Government Work-Based Learning Programmes and hope this relationship will continue well into the future, the programmes we deliver include Apprenticeships, Youth Traineeships, Adult Employability and Jobs Growth Wales programmes. More recently we have been successful in growing our Apprenticeship and Traineeship provisions in England.

Moving to an employee-owned business in 2019 has given us the opportunity to maintain our independence whilst continuing to grow our brand, whilst we are only 2 years on from becoming employee owned, I expect it to drive forward, improve efficiency and facilitate further business growth through by being able to retain and attract high calibre staff.  Our unique status allows our employees to have greater engagement and ownership in the future growth and success of the business. We are passionate about our people and collaborative in the way they work.

Our hopes for the future as an employee-owned business is to see continued growth and despite the COVID-19 pandemic we were able to adapt our current business to enable us to meet the needs of all our customers along with seeing business growth in the delivery of apprenticeships and traineeships in England.

I believe that employee ownership provides us with long term stability and through empowering our employees we hope to see continual improvements in the services we deliver to all our customers.

I am extremely proud of our loyal and highly motivated team who hope will see real benefit from employee-ownership as we move forward together.