Deep Dive Webinar – Employment Law


Due to the overwhelming popularity and demand from attendees on our L&D Toolkit Webinar Series, we are thrilled to announce our Deep Dive Webinar Series!

Based on the popularity of our 45-minute L&D Toolkit Series Webinars, which indicate a need for a deeper dive into the subjects, we will be launching 2-hour sessions focusing on the most sought-after topics.

2024 is a significant year in UK employment law.

There are a number of changes due to take effect in 2024 and 2025 which employers should be aware of and take steps to prepare for. These changes relate to a range of workplace issues, including flexibility at work, employment rights for specific groups and contractual matters. Following the election there may be further changes to employment law ahead which will be of interest to employers. During this webinar we will consider some of these changes in overview will explore the following themes: 

  • Changes to Flexible Working Laws:  What are the changes that have come into force relating to flexible working requests? How should these be managed and what is good practice for working with flexible working in the future? What are the pitfalls that should be avoided?
  • Changes affecting parents and carersWhat are the changes that have come into force relating to the rights of parents and carers? What impact do these have on employers and workforces and how can these matters be managed appropriately? 
  • Changes affecting redundancy: What are the further protections relating to redundancy that have been introduced for some groups within the workforce (such as those on maternity leave and other groups)? How can processes be managed appropriately, what should be avoided and what is the good practice?
  • Future Employment Law Changes: Following the 2024 general election, what further changes have been proposed that could impact on employment law? How can you engage with consultations and proposed changes and what impact could these have if enacted? 

This Deep Dive Webinar is aimed at Senior Leaders and Middle Managers, particularly those who drive or manage organisational culture or risk, such as HR and L&D teams. It is also beneficial for managers seeking to understand the broader context of their organisation’s overall development and who may find themselves supporting their more junior colleagues.

Changes to Flexible Working Laws 

  • Understand recent changes in flexible working rights 
  • Learn best practices for managing flexible working requests 
  • Avoid common pitfalls in flexible working policies 

Changes Affecting Parents and Carers 

  • Assess impacts on employers and workforces
  • How can these matters be managed appropriately

Changes Affecting Redundancy 

  • Manage redundancy processes effectively 
  • Implement best practices and avoid pitfalls 

Future Employment Law Changes 

  • Explore proposed post-2024 election law changes
  • Engage in consultations and understand impacts 
  • Prepare for potential legislative changes/action plan

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Deep Dive Webinar- Employment Law

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