Silver linings and silver medals: Lindsey’s story

17 year old Lindsey Stocking joined Itec’s Jobs Growth Wales+ programme with the ambition of gaining work experience and enhancing her CV. Initially uncertain about her future, especially after experiencing education during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lindsey’s vision and motivation were affected.

With the guidance of her tutor, Jamie Brennan, Lindsey discovered a passion for IT and was eager to build her skills in this field. She successfully completed a Level 1 IT User Certificate, gaining essential knowledge for a career in IT. Lindsey acquired various skills, including working with website and design software, setting up IT systems, and improving productivity through IT solutions. These skills are invaluable for young individuals looking to establish a meaningful career and professional future.

The Jobs Growth Wales+ programme significantly boosted Lindsey’s confidence and helped her understand her career goals. During her time in the program, she also won a silver medal in the IT Software Solutions for Business category at Skills Competition Wales 2024. This achievement highlighted her dedication and the skills she had developed through Itec.

Reflecting on her journey, Lindsey acknowledges the profound impact the programme had on her life. Now, with newfound confidence and skills, Lindsey has successfully gained employment and achieved her goals.

“Jobs Growth Wales+ has helped me develop goals for my future, by providing me with work experience opportunities and qualifications to complete such as IT User Level 1, Employability Skills, First Aid, and more. I would highly recommend JGW+ to someone who is interested, as it is a massive help to those who want to work but aren’t sure where to start.”- Lindsey Stocking