Beginnings of Brilliance: Jordanne Lee’s Journey 

At just 18 years old, Jordanne Lee embarked on a transformative journey with Itec’s Jobs Growth Wales+ programme in Bridgend back in October 2023. Initially grappling with anxiety and attendance issues, Jordanne, renowned for her artistic flair and communication skills, found solace and guidance through the unwavering support of the Itec Bridgend team and her dedicated mentor, Joseph Mellhuish. With their encouragement, Jordanne’s confidence blossomed, propelling her towards exceptional learning achievements.

Throughout her time in the programme, Jordanne not only overcame personal hurdles but also forged meaningful connections, established a productive routine, and discovered her true calling. Bolstered by her newfound confidence, she completed her Level 1 employability qualification and is currently on track to attain her Wales Essential Skills Level 1 certification. With a keen interest in retail, Jordanne remained resolute in integrating it into her career trajectory.

In the midst of her journey with the programme, Jordanne recently seized a pivotal opportunity: an interview with Gwyn Richards Sportswear, which she navigated with finesse, ultimately securing a position on placement. Immersed in the dynamic working environment, she leverages her skills daily to cater to customer needs, finding fulfillment in every interaction. Jordanne’s success story is a testament to the efficacy of Itec’s Jobs Growth Wales+ programme, which equips young individuals with the essential tools and routines vital for thriving in the workplace.

Reflecting on her journey, Jordanne offers advice to other young individuals who wish to join the Jobs Growth Wales+ programme: “Go everyday, listen to the tutors and learner coach, and you will succeed.”