Exciting Times Ahead for Itec Skills: Welcoming Our New Independent Trustee, Iestyn Davies

We at Itec Skills, an employee-owned independent training provider, are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our Employee Ownership Trust Board. Please join us in welcoming our new Independent Trustee, Iestyn Davies. We can’t wait to see what the future holds with Iestyn on board, bringing his wealth of experience and passion for community-focused work to our team.

Over his 27 year career Iestyn Davies has consistently championed not-for-profit, member-led, and member-owned organisations. With the dawn of devolution in Wales, he found his niche in providing educational and direct services, particularly focusing on substance misuse and supporting individuals in local communities. His dedication to public affairs and public relations flourished as he took on roles with the Arts Council, the Royal College of Nursing, the Federation of Small Businesses, Colleges Wales, and at a university.

Supporting our vision for the future

Iestyn’s philosophy aligns perfectly with the values of Itec Skills. He believes that working with an employee-owned business, opens doors to creative and strategic thinking, benefiting not only the company but also the communities we serve. His vision is to inspire every member of our team to see themselves as active stakeholders, invested in the long-term success of our organisation and the outcomes for our learners and apprentices. This model fosters a sense of ownership and commitment, ensuring that the energy and efforts of our team directly contribute to the high-quality outcomes for our learners.

At Itec Skills, we are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our learners and to the communities we work within. We are excited to welcome Iestyn Davies to our Trust Board. We look forward to working collaboratively with him to achieve our long-term goals and create lasting benefits for everyone involved.