Building Careers Together: Itec and Quad Bikes Wales

At Itec, we are passionate about empowering young people to embark on fulfilling career journeys. Through our collaboration with local employers, we provide invaluable opportunities for learners to gain practical experience and secure meaningful employment. Our thriving Jobs Growth Wales+ programme has been a beacon of hope, opening numerous doors for young people across South Wales.

One of our standout partnerships has been with Quad Bikes Wales in Pontardawe, run by couple Gareth and Victoria. Their commitment to the Jobs Growth Wales initiative and unwavering support for our learners have been truly inspiring. Over the past two months, Quad Bikes Wales has welcomed five enthusiastic learners from our Neath Centre, offering them hands-on experience in various roles:

  • Nathanial Kayne-Phillips – Admin
  • Megan Gibson – Warehouse
  • Berian Owen – Yard Attendant
  • Joseph Isaac – Warehouse
  • Jordan Evan – IT Customer Services

Gareth and Victoria first learned about the Jobs Growth Wales+ programme through another local employer who had successfully employed one of our learners. The positive impact and success stories shared by their peers motivated them to get involved, and they have since become advocates of the initiative.

Our dedicated team at Itec plays a crucial role in supporting these placements. Learner coaches Bethan Williams and Ciara Durbin, along with employability officer Gareth Williams, have worked tirelessly to forge and nurture this partnership. Gareth Williams, who initiated the collaboration, continues to strengthen the relationship with the invaluable support of employability officer Hannah Walker.

It is through partnerships like these that we can make a real difference in the lives of young individuals, helping them build positive and prosperous futures. At Itec, we are committed to fostering these connections and providing the support needed for our learners to thrive.